​​​Ethos, Aims and Values


Our School Vision

At Prospect School our vision is to create an outstanding learning environment for all of our students, developing successful young people who are ready to take their place in society and who have the resilience to cope within an ever changing world.

Our Mission Statement

Together with parents, carers and other professionals, we provide a holistic education that works with all aspects of our students’ lives. We work with those who have very complex needs and we ensure that we offer a creative, optimistic and individualised outlook for each of them.

We provide opportunities for exploration and growth and recognise that for many Prospect School is their first safe and positive educational experience.

At Prospect School we believe that an education should be mentally, physically, academically and emotionally accessible to all. Every student at Prospect School is entitled to outstanding teaching that is meaningful and relevant to their lives. We promote academic excellence, tolerance of others, self-respect and the informed management of risk. Every student is unique and we strive to create a learning environment in which the individual, irrespective of starting place, will flourish.

At Prospect School every lesson matters, and we believe that each student will be successful if they attend regularly and have access to the right educational environment.

‘Academic excellence within a personalised learning environment’

Our School Aims

  • To ensure that all our pupils are prepared as well as possible to respond flexibly to the changing challenges of their future lives.
  • To instill in every pupil, self-belief and the confidence to respond positively to new experiences and opportunities.
  • To enable pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and to feel a sense of responsibility to the communities to which they belong.
  • To ensure that every pupil has access to the highest quality learning experiences and gains the highest recognition possible for their achievements.