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Congratulations Class of 2018

An outstanding year for many of our students, who have faced varied and complex challenges both personally and academically. We are pleased and proud to announce the following headlines:

  • 83% of students achieved at least 1 qualification.

  • 33% of students achieved at least 5 qualifications.

  • 50% of students achieved at least 2 qualifications.

  • 21 qualifications were taken, 66% were passed.

  • 13 GCSEs were taken, 62% were passed.

  • Average passed GCSE grade is 1.5.

  • Highest GCSE grade is 2.

With the exceptional circumstances that our pupils face on a daily basis it is almost unbelievable that so many made the progress expected of them.

We are immeasurably proud of all that our pupils have achieved and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.