This course will enable students to gain cooking knowledge and open up opportunities for students to acquire new skills. Students will develop their skills, knowledge of ingredients, equipment and techniques.

Course Requirements:
No previous experience of cooking skills is needed for Key Stage 3.

Key stage 3
Over the three years of key Stage 3 students will concentrate on hygiene and safety, knife safety and skills, weighing, measuring, and use of equipment (Hob, Grill and Oven). Students will acquire the opportunity to acquire these skills by cooking a wide range of foods including both sweet and savoury dishes.

Students practice will be assessed via observations, questioning, photographs of their dishes and group discussions. Students will also independently critique their own dish by completing a self-assessment worksheet. Key Stage 3 at Prospect School includes years 7, 8, and 9. Students have double lessons of food technology on a half termly rotational basis with wood technology.

Key Stage 4
There are various qualifications available at KS4 for those wanting to pursue their interest in food technology. In the past students have been successful in the Food Preparation and Cookery GCSE course and other students have taken the BTEC Home Cooking Skills Level one course.

Prospect School provide all ingredients and equipment required for Food technology lessons for all students. Parents are asked for a contribution of £10 a term to aid the department.

Visits and Trips:
Trips may include visiting local food shops and day visits to enable students to experience cooking outside (BBQ at Queen Elizabeth County Park).