Maths at Prospect School follows the National Curriculum, which offers a broad range of Mathematical experiences. We believe in the importance of Mathematics and strive to create and allow the following for our students:

  • Create opportunities for students to increase, develop and extend their range of Mathematical skills and their ability to use and apply Mathematics.
  • Ensure we use and create interesting and stimulating resources. Providing Mathematical experiences which are relevant to the students and try to relate Mathematics to everyday situations.
  • Use assessment materials, qualifications and programs of study that are best suited to individual needs, to enable them to have the chance to leave with a nationally recognised qualification (Entry Level qualification up to GCSE).
  • Equip students with the mathematical skills and knowledge that they will need to be successful with their future study, training or employment.
  • Providing a challenge and a sense of achievement for all.

Key Stage 3
The students will be working on four main areas of study following the standards set by the national curriculum. Topics include: Averages, area, perimeter, volume, handling data, ratio, four rules, sequences, percentages, rounding & estimation.

We operate a three-year rolling cycle focussing on the content of the National Curriculum. Approaching the curriculum in this way allows us to best meet the student’s needs. This ensures that at whatever stage they are at or if students have missed some education students will be able to quickly settle into their studies.

Key Stage 4
We offer a two-year program of study for KS4 mainly focused on GCSE, however for some students we also offer Functional Skills Maths. Topics include but are not limited to: Averages, area, perimeter, volume, handling data, ratio, four rules, Pythagoras, sequences, percentages, equations & inequalities.

These topics are more developed and take the processes and applications further than in KS3 allowing the students to reach their full potential. Students have the opportunity to study at either higher or foundation level.


Homework can be provided to students who show a willingness and enthusiasm to develop their Mathematics skills independently, however it is not compulsory. We also offer students a chance to stay after school for 1:1 tuition, to help further develop their ability and knowledge in preparation for their qualifications.