At Prospect School, we teach Spanish as a Modern Foreign Language. We aim to give our students a love for learning foreign languages so they can develop a better understanding of other cultures around the world.

We aim to teach Spanish language, vocabulary, phonics, culture etc. through creative teaching. The MFL curriculum takes place once a week and students’ progress from sound level (phonics) to basic sentence structures which allows them to practise their oral and written skills. The subject is split into four areas: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Students often demonstrate that they are keen and able learners.

Our goal is to motivate students to develop a cultural awareness and hopefully encourage them to travel and be able to use the language in a real life situation.

Key Stage 3
In KS3 students cover the following topics:

Alphabet, numbers, colours                      
Common irregular verbs, adjectives
Basic greetings        
Time expressions           
Comparisons and descriptions
Subjects pronouns                     
Spanish culture

Key Stage 4

Whilst KS4 do not have MFL slots on their timetable, if a student shows a particular flare for the subject it is possible for them to access a GCSE if appropriate.