Reward SYstem

At Prospect we ensure our boys have the opportunity to receive rewards for their positive behaviour and learning. Ever lesson the boys have the chance to gain up to 6 points. The points are given for individual targets set by the class tutor and core school values. Each week these points are converted to stars then in turn can be converted to money that can be given as vouchers or used at amazon.


Resilience in Prospect pupils

We recognise that our young people face many challenges, both now and in particularly in the future, after they have left our care. We have worked hard as a community to understand how to develop and identify resilience in young people, and have a commitment to promoting this throughout our learning and activities.

Following much consultation with stakeholders, we developed our own set of Prospect Resilience PLTs (Personal Learning & Thinking Skills) which are as follows:

At Prospect School we believe that any resilient member of our community -

  • Can understand consequences and take risks
  • Is brave enough to learn from all experiences
  • Can make informed choices
  • Has strategies for restoring equilibrium
  • Has strategies for safeguarding personal wellbeing
  • Can forgive
  • Recognises that the present is not the future
  • Can give and receive
  • Has a sense of belonging
  • Can recognise, feel and manage emotions

These Resilience PLTs are adapted in each subject of the curriculum, which states explicitly in its departmental documentation how its particular nuances can be used to support pupils in developing the above characteristics and behaviours.

Wellbeing Team

At Prospect School we have been developing the Wellbeing Team over the last year; the Team is now made up of a Senior Social Worker, Counsellor, ELSA / FEIPS Worker, Family Support Workers, Family Therapeutic Practitioner, Intensive Support Tutor, Attendance Officer, Student Social Workers, Art Therapist and Mentors.

The Team provides additional support to pupils and their families at an early stage in order to prevent the need for higher tier services becoming involved.

We hope that this will help our community to engage more easily with help and support from staff with whom they have positive relationships.

The Team meets weekly to discuss what help can be offered to pupils or their family referred to us and a plan of support is offered.

The Team is able to provide:

Family Support – e.g. parenting, help with bed-time routines, support to apply for benefits and access to further service
Family Therapy – more intensive work with a qualified therapeutic practitioner to help unlock barriers to family wellbeing
Intensive Support Tutor- 1:1 educational sessions for vulnerable pupils who find the more formal time-table challenging
Counselling – e.g. exploring trauma, anxieties, eating disorders and other issues
ELSA support – individual emotional support for pupil’s e.g. loss and bereavement, managing family/peer relationships
FEIPs – Framework for Enhanced Individual Pastoral Support – pupil led problem solving sessions based on counselling practices
Family Meetings – e.g. to discuss family relationships and find solutions.
1:1 Mentoring/Individual work – e.g. managing anger, positive release time through sport and outdoor activities such as angling which aim to support pupils in understanding and changing their behaviour
Art Therapy – sessions where pupils can explore thoughts and feelings through arts activities
Parent Coffee Mornings – support and sharing time for parents, carers and family members
Earlier/easier identification of need and appropriate assessment and treatment for pupils, often through CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service)
Individual support - for foster carers and children’s home staff
Training - ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Attachment, for education and social work professionals, parents and foster carers
Support and consultation to staff groups

Tutor Teams

At Prospect we ensure consistently and stability within each boys tutor team. We currently have 9 groups, 4 at KS3 and 5 at KS4. The boys start their day with their tutor giving them time to settle into being at school and address any concerns they may have. Your sons tutor team will be your main contact with the school.