The subject of PDL includes a variety of topics which prepare our young people for the world around them. There are 3 main areas:

This topic covers roles in our community including volunteering, charity and community care. We also discuss politics, justice and rights and responsibilities, through this we explore equality, diversity and prejudice, culture, morals, environment and benefits. We also cover working as part of a team as well as working individually.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic
This area covers many issues that students will encounter in their lives and gives them the knowledge they need to make educated choices. These include smoking, drugs and alcohol, mental health/illnesses, personal safety, hygiene, sex and relationships and money and budgeting.

Life Skills
Life skills enables the students to develop practical skills needed for life. We cover topics such as accessing public transport and road safety. We also cover household chores, cleaning, gardening and shopping. Additionally, we also look at fire safety, services in the community, first aid and when it is appropriate to call the emergency services.

Key Stage 3
In KS3 the lessons are classroom based with a variety of activities including word searches which are valuable for the students to discover key words in the topic we are covering. The lessons are very discussion based to enable the students to talk freely and ask questions or answer each other’s questions. Off-site school trips are used to enhance learning including accessing our Forest School. The emphasis is for the students to understand themselves and the world around them as well as how they fit into it.

Key Stage 4
In KS4, lessons are classroom based and include a lot of discussion as well as independent learning. The focus is to prepare students for the next stage in their lives and give them the tools necessary to succeed. They will continue to expand on the areas talked about in KS3. There will be an opportunity for the students to take part in a Citizenship GCSE which this subject will help prepare them for.