Our aim for Religious Education is to provide a balanced curriculum, which promotes spiritual, moral cultural, mental and physical development of the student within the context of their society. This is designed to prepare students to become tolerant successful participants in the wider world.  

Lessons are academic to challenge all learners as well as visual and practical to accommodate all learning styles. Lessons are differentiated through various means to allow excellent engagement in education for all.

Within in each year group students will develop their knowledge and skills of the different belief systems studied. Lessons will regularly include key vocabulary that is subject specific but also focused on building language skills.

Students will develop understanding of different beliefs by exploring different teachings, life style choices, symbolism and issues surrounding identity and the concept of belonging. They will be encouraged to explore their own beliefs as well as studying those of others.

Key Stage 3
RE at Prospect School is very student led with discussion and co-production of the curriculum. Because of the organisation of classes according to social and emotional needs all KS3 students are taught the same subjects on a rolling curriculum. Strand 1 looks at beliefs in unbelievable things and why people do believe, as well as looking at how society works and introduces Islam. Strand 2 looks at primal religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism. Strand 3 looks at non religions and issues of extremism within belief systems.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 RE covers the areas of the citizenship GCSE that relate to belief, identity and culture. These dovetail with the PDL curriculum to enable KS4 to take a GCSE in citizenship.