Science at Prospect School allows students to understand the world they live in, using both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are challenged to improve their analytical thinking, by teaching them how to precisely and accurately look at details and assess their importance to larger systems and structure.

Science is a key core subject for the pupils at the school, beginning from the start of Year 7 all the way until the end of school in Year 11. Science at Prospect School follows the OCR syllabus, which itself follows the National Curriculum. Teachers are well-equipped with a vast knowledge and passionate interest in their subject areas, and are ably supported by Learning Support Staff. The room is well equipped to complete a range of experiments in a safe and supported environment. The room itself is split into different areas for theoretical and practical activity, which allows a subtle yet effective boundary to expectations, both from staff and pupil.

Key Stage 3
Science is split into Biology, Chemistry and Physics, allowing the students to clearly understand the differences between the sciences, whilst also allowing for inevitable crossover between them. Students are encouraged to express their knowledge and interests both through verbal and written work, which is carefully managed to avoid over exposure to any one learning method.

The content follows the same general curriculum as the GCSE syllabus, allowing high achievers to push themselves to progress. Despite this, the syllabus is more flexible at this stage, allowing time for development, as well as giving freedom to explore curiosities within the pupils of a class. For those of a lower level, individual support in lessons is paramount, ensuring that they are not left behind.

Key areas of the syllabus are as follows:


Care is taken to make the subject matter relevant to the world we live in, and so environmental topics are introduced, allowing the learners to be informed about the big issues of their generation.

Key Stage 4
We pride ourselves on being able to offer a competitive qualification pathway. We currently offer the OCR specification GCSE Combined Science course, at the Gateway level, which leads to two GCSEs, with a maximum grade of 5, equivalent to a high C by the old scale. We believe this to offer a high level of attainment, without overly burdening pupils with excessive content.

This qualification is recognised by colleges nationwide, which frequently require Science qualifications to gain entry to many of the courses our pupils go on to do in Further Education.

As with the Key Stage 3 syllabus, our older pupils also learn about Greenhouse Gasses, and other environmental issues, which, as well as providing them with vital information about the world they will inherit, is also examined as a part of the GCSEs.Overall, we believe our curriculum to be the best chance for our pupils to achieve their potential in science, as well as providing them with the skills to further their own understandings after leaving Prospect School.