Engagement in technology at Prospect School supports the growth of key skills such as communication, fine motor skills, concentration and resilience. It Improves confidence and develops independence and problem solving skills.

In wood technology students work with and learn about different types of wood ranging from soft and hard wood to manufactured boards for example plywood. All students have access to a comprehensive range of hand and power tools with which they can develop a full range of skills.

Students also gain experience of using industrial grade machines i.e. a lathe, pillar drill, belt sander, vacuum former, pyrograph and scroll saw.

For the most part, projects are steered by the students themselves. This allows for student centred work based on individual interests and level of skill. There are set projects that are used to develop specific skills. These include specifically designed projects so students can gain maximum benefit from the subject. These include making wooden toys, bird boxes, simple furniture and decorative boxes

We encourage individual projects and support students at every stage of the project they choose. Classes are shared with the food technology department and this means a maximum class size of 4 students. This enables close support and supervision from the qualified staff in the lesson. Students have one double lesson on an alternative half term basis. Four main strands are studied and these include working safely, planning, making items and subject knowledge.

In woodtech we are committed to giving students as broad and creative experience as possible. We pride ourselves in providing a safe learning environment where students can develop their practical skills.

Wood technology has proved to be a popular subject throughout the age range in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The students regularly produce a wide range of projects of increasing complexity as they develop their skills and confidence over time.