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Celebrating the Success of Our Year 11 Students

By June 21, 2024Prospect School

A BBQ Bash to Remember: Fun, Farewells, and Future Endeavours

This week, Prospect School had the pleasure of celebrating the achievements of our Year 11 students. On Tuesday, we hosted a leavers BBQ for the students and their families to recognise their hard work and accomplishments.

The event was a great success, filled with joy and laughter. Activities included a delicious BBQ, a lively bouncy castle, and entertaining karaoke, among many other fun activities. The atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable, providing a perfect setting for our students and their families to unwind and celebrate.

Families expressed their gratitude for the event, noting its suitability and accessibility for their boys. The informal setting, without the formality of a traditional prom, was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all.

As we bid farewell to our Year 11 students, we want to extend our heartfelt best wishes for their future endeavours. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and will miss each of them, confident that they will continue to achieve great things.

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