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After School Clubs

If you’re interested in our after school clubs please ask your tutor for more information. Please note that school transport is unavailable following after school clubs.


Mondays from 14:45 until 15:30

Board Games

Wednesdays from 14:45 until 15:30


Thursdays from 14:45 until 15:30

Mountain Biking

The School has ten bikes, which are stored in an area, which is equipped for their cleaning and general maintenance. Major repairs are carried out professionally at a local cycle shop. In the interests of safety, the School also provides the students with helmets and gloves, which are compulsory requirements on rides. Students are invited to take advantage of foul-weather clothing and rucksacks, which are provided by the school.

The rides are always accompanied by a qualified Off-Road Leader who is assisted by another member of staff. All rides are inspected by the Leader in advance to determine their suitability. A variety of trails from which to choose have been developed in SE Hants and West Sussex. This year, we have been able to enjoy not only the colourful foliage, which we take for granted in this part of the country, but also an unusual amount of wildlife, especially the many deer which the students have spotted on the rides. Mountain biking is not all blood, sweat and tears!

The season for Mountain Biking runs from March to late November, throughout which the students have the opportunity to ride once every three or four weeks.

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What do I do if my child is too ill to attend school?

Call the main school phone number 02394 006226 and select the absence line (option 1).

What do I do if I want to take my child on holiday during term time?

Students who take holidays during term time would be reported as unauthorised absence. If you still need to take them out due to exceptional circumstances then please complete an Exceptional Circumstances holiday form which is available from the school office.

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Family Information Services Hub (FISH)

The Family Information Services Hub pulls together a range of the services provided by Hampshire County Council for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities.

You can access the website here.

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Home Learning

Welcome to our new learning at home section.

All work will be uploaded to your child’s Microsoft Teams account and can be accessed with their school login.

Once you have logged in you will see a range of tasks set by your teacher, they will be able to monitor
your progress and then set you more work.

If you have any questions please contact your tutor or call the school office on 02394 006226.

Please see this guide for information on using Minecraft Education.

Please see this guide for information on using Think Ninja.

This is a website with a wide range of lessons to access – please see the website for further information.

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School Transport

Hampshire County Council’s SEN transport team make arrangements for students to travel to and from school.  For more information please see their website here. Transport arrangements are usually carried out by commercial contractors, and are contracted through a tender process.

Prospect School also runs a minibus service to the Gosport and Fareham area.

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Support for Parents and Carers

We have gathered a few resources for parents and careers.  We hope you find them helpful.

Being a parent is hard. You ask yourself… Is this behaviour normal? How can I support my child? Where can I find the expert help I need? Expert support for every parenting challenge
Worried about leaving your child alone? NSPCC have help and advise available. Take a look at their website here.
Network Rail Due to the very high level of trespassing on the tracks by young people in your local area, Network Rail in partnership with Learn Live are working to help raise awareness to students across the UK educating them about the dangers of the train tracks through interactive digital delivery. Please see the this video for more information.
The National Crime Agency: Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command
Parent Zone
Child Line
The YoungMinds Parents Helpline, Webchat and Email provide support and help for parents and carers worried about their child’s mental health and wellbeing.
Munch Community Food Pantry
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Online and Social Media

With regular reports of children being targeted or groomed by adults via social media or other internet channels, we would like to remind parents of the critical importance of taking steps they can take to reduce the risk of their children becoming vulnerable to this behaviour.

Please do take the time to set up robust parental controls on devices and ensure that you set the passwords and codes and keep this confidential, so that only you know them.

In the unfortunate circumstance that your child receives inappropriate messages or images via social media, please report this instantly to the Police on the non-emergency 101 number.

There is some helpful advice relating to this on Hampshire County Council’s website

You may find it helpful for your children to be aware of and to have viewed the ‘Think u know’ website

Helpful advice is also available from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) website

Aside from the risk of exploitation, it is unfortunate in this day and age that content exists on social media that would be inappropriate, and potentially harmful, for children to view.

If you or your children receive images or videos on Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp or via any other social media featuring people that are naked or are sexual in nature, these should be deleted immediately and reported to the Police on the non-emergency 101 telephone number.   Many people are still unaware that showing or sharing such images or videos with others could mean they are committing a crime. However, if a genuine mistake is made, it would be treated as such by the Police.

Helpful Links

There is a wealth of information available for parents.  Please see some suggested reading below.

TikTok safeguarding guide by
Guide to screen addictions and responsible digital use by Compare the Market
Livestreaming and online video apps by NSPPC
Reporting to social media sites by Education from National Crime Agency
Talking to your child about online safety by NSPCC
Social Media Guides by Safer Internet UK
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