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Christmas Card Reveal 9 (2nd place): The Runner-Up Design

By December 14, 2023January 6th, 2024Prospect School
It's Christmaass!

A message from Beechy, our Head Boy.

Hello everyone at Prospect School,

I’m Beechy, your Head Boy, and I’m genuinely excited to share the story behind the design that secured the second spot in our 2023 Christmas Card Reveal Series. Today’s theme isn’t just a sneak peek into the runner-up; it’s a nod to the pride we take in the incredible talent within our school.

The second-place design inspires a great pride in the artists work, something that we all strive for at the school.

Why does Santa have three gardens?  So he can hoe hoe hoe!

Let’s extend a warm congratulations to the designer, Josh in Year 7.  Your creative touch beautifully captures the essence of taking pride in our theme.  Great job!

As Head Boy, this moment fills me with genuine pride – I wish you all a merry Christmas.