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Student Voice April 2023

By May 11, 2023October 16th, 2023Prospect School
Student Voice

Student Council encourages positive messages home, calls for action against homophobia and transphobia, and requests a tuck rota

In a recent meeting, Prospect’s Student Council expressed their enthusiasm for the sharing of positive messages with parents through messages home. They suggested that this is a great way to spread good news and encourage students to continue to work hard. The council has also called on staff members to do their part in promoting positivity through these messages.

However, the conversation soon turned to more pressing matters, as the council addressed ongoing issues of discrimination in the school. While they reported a decrease in racist incidents, the council felt that homophobia and transphobia needed to be targeted next. In response, they discussed the potential starting of a Safe Space club but noted that it needed more publicity to be effective.

The school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) responded positively, suggesting that posters could be created to promote the Safe Space club and help raise awareness of the issue.

The council then turned to a more lighthearted request: a tuck rota. Students had requested a schedule of when tuck would be available so that they could plan accordingly. The council recognised that changes may occur due to ingredient availability but stressed the importance of having a schedule in place. The SLT responded by announcing that a chalkboard would be sourced and placed in the dining hall to keep students informed.

Finally, the council expressed their frustration with the behavior of some students during and after football games. They felt that the rules were not strict enough and that warnings for bad language were not sufficient. Additionally, they noted that the team selection process was unfair, with the best players always playing together. Non-players were also feeling frustrated with the negative energy coming off the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) and directed towards them. In response, the SLT announced that Dan would now supervise the MUGA to address these issues.

Overall, the meeting highlighted the important issues facing the school and the commitment of the Student Council and the SLT to address them. Through their collaboration, they hope to create a safer and more positive learning environment for all students.