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Christmas Card Reveal 5: Nature Unleashed

By December 8, 2023January 6th, 2024Prospect School
It's Christmaass!

A message from Treeanne

I’m here to talk about the theme that’s close to my heart – “Nature Unleashed.” While usually, I’m out in the wild, today, let’s bring a bit of the outdoors into our discussions.

Prospect School is not just walls and classrooms; it’s a canvas where nature paints its beauty. From the rustle of leaves to the chirping of birds, nature is an active participant in our daily lives.

Next, the unveiling our fifth Christmas card design. It’s not just paper and ink; it’s a glimpse of the untamed beauty that surrounds us every day.

Why did Rudolph get a bad report card? Because he went down in history!

Before you lose yourself in the natural charm captured on this card, let’s give a shout-out to the designer, Xander in Year 8. Your artistic touch beautifully brings the essence of nature to life.

May the spirit of the great outdoors infuse your day as we continue this Christmas Card Reveal Series.

Merry Christmas,
Leanne (aka Treeanne)