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Cupboard to Cuppa!

By May 15, 2023October 16th, 2023Prospect School
School Improvements

A new kitchen has been created to help our guests feel welcome

We recently repurposed a simple cupboard into a functional and welcoming kitchenette. We are thrilled to now have a dedicated space where we can make our visitors feel welcome and comfortable by offering them a cup of tea, coffee, or water.

Our new kitchenette includes a mini fridge, a kettle, and a set of Prospect School mugs, as well as other essential items such as a bin for rubbish and paper towels for cleaning up spills. We made sure to stock the fridge with fresh milk and water so that our guests can easily be made a hot drink at any time.

Overall, we are proud of our resourcefulness and creativity in repurposing a simple cupboard into a functional and inviting space. Our new kitchenette is a testament to the power of small gestures and the importance of hospitality in creating a more welcoming and connected community.