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Easter Raffle

By April 19, 2024Prospect School
Spring 2024

A Celebration of Community and Generosity at Prospect School

On Thursday, 28 March, the spirit of Easter brought warmth and excitement to Prospect School as we held our eagerly anticipated Easter Raffle. This event, a cherished tradition within our school community, was not only a celebration of the season but also a reflection of our collective spirit of generosity and inclusivity.

The Easter Raffle stood out as a testament to the values we hold dear at Prospect School. Thanks to the generosity of our governors, every student was given a raffle ticket, ensuring that each had an equal chance to participate and win. This gesture of inclusivity underscored our commitment to ensuring every member of our community feels valued and included.

The anticipation built throughout the day as students and staff awaited the draw, speculating on who would win the grand prize—a giant bunny accompanied by an Easter egg. This prize, symbolic of the joy and celebration of Easter, became the talk of the school, with students sharing their hopes and plans should they be the lucky winner.

When the moment of the draw arrived, the excitement was palpable. The announcement of the winners was met with cheers and applause, a moment of pure joy and celebration that brought our school community together. The winners’ smiles, as they posed for a picture with their prizes, were a heartwarming sight, capturing the essence of the event—joy, community, and shared celebration.

Beyond the fun and excitement, the Easter Raffle was an opportunity for our school to come together and celebrate the achievements and spirit of the term. The governors’ decision to purchase tickets for every student was a powerful reminder of the support and care that underpins our school community, reinforcing the message that every student matters and is an integral part of our school family.

The success of the Easter Raffle was not measured merely in the funds raised but in the moments of joy, laughter, and community spirit it fostered. It was a celebration that went beyond the prizes; it was about coming together as a community, sharing in the excitement, and supporting one another.

As we close the chapter on this term’s Easter Raffle, we reflect on the journey we have shared as a school community. From the imaginative celebrations of World Book Day to the insightful explorations of career possibilities, the innovative engagement with technology during the TECH:TRUCK visit, and the collective spirit of giving during Comic Relief, each event has woven a tapestry of experiences that enrich our students’ lives.

The Easter Raffle was a fitting conclusion to a term filled with diverse and enriching experiences. It reminded us of the strength found in our community and the joy that comes from sharing and celebrating together. As we look forward to the term ahead, we carry with us the lessons learned, the joy experienced, and the anticipation of more shared moments that bring us together as a school.

Prospect School continues to be a place where learning, community, and generosity intersect, creating an environment where students not only excel academically but grow into compassionate and engaged members of society. Here’s to more celebrations, achievements, and moments of joy in the terms to come.

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