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Jolly Greetings and Card Unveiling!

By December 1, 2023January 6th, 2024Prospect School
It's Christmaaaassss!

Welcoming the Festive Season

As we stride into December, that month of frosty mornings and twinkling lights, I extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you. It brings me immense joy to be here, kicking off our 2023 Christmas Card Reveal Series Countdown. No, we won’t just be showcasing cool designs; we’re diving into the core of what makes our school tick.

Our Christmas Card Reveal Series isn’t your average unveiling ceremony. It’s a countdown to the Christmas winning entries, finishing up with the third place, second place, and first place Christmas card designs. But more than that, it’s a celebration of the unique themes that make us us. Each day, we’ll peel back a layer, accompanied by messages from the people who give our school its identity.

Tomorrow, buckle up for “Joyful Traditions.” Reuben, our Humanities Teacher, will walk us through the traditions that make our school click. And as we unveil the first Christmas card design, let’s remember that traditions aren’t just about the past. They’re the stories we’re crafting today to reminisce about tomorrow.

Festive cheer is in the air, and rumor has it the students have been sharing their best Christmas jokes! Here’s one to get you in the spirit:

What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? An abdominal snowman!

Let the festive spirit envelop us, and may this Christmas Card Reveal Series Countdown be a testament to the warmth and unity that defines our beloved Prospect School.

Festive regards,

Dr Michèle Aldridge