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Parents and Carers Drop-in Session this Thursday

By February 5, 2024Prospect School
Drop In

Reminder: Join Us for Our Parents and Carers Drop-in Session

Date: Thursday, 8 February 2024
Time: 11:00
Venue: Prospect School

We are reaching out to remind our valued community of parents and carers about the upcoming Drop-in Session. This event is set to take place on Thursday, 8 February at 11:00 and promises to be a valuable occasion for all attendees.

The session is designed to offer an open forum for discussion, allowing you to raise any concerns, ask questions, and share experiences. It is also a great chance to meet with other members of the Prospect School family in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Everyone is welcome to join us. Whether you have specific topics in mind that you wish to discuss or simply want to listen in and get to know other parents and carers, your participation will be greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and working together to continue creating a positive and nurturing environment for our boys.

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